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At Valley Cottage Vets, we take the best care of all kittens, adult cats and seniors to help them live a happy and healthy life.

Our team are passionate about helping both domestic and pedigree breeds and will work closely together with owners to find the best treatment option for your beloved cat. Our vets care deeply about your pets and will give you tips and tricks about setting them up for a great life. We put great emphasis on preventive treatments and nutrition to avoid any complications in the future.

Explore our cat vet care services below and contact us to book an appointment with our friendly vet team.


Providing kittens with the necessary vaccinations and healthcare will set them up for a healthy life in the future. Our vets will advise you about caring for your new family member, their nutritional, preventative, and dental care needs, and optimising your home environment.

Adult Cat

Regular checks for your adult cat will ensure they keep up to date with their vaccinations and preventative treatment. During the appointment, their overall health and wellbeing will be assessed and a personalised care plan will be made for your furry friend.

Senior Cat

Regular health checks are very important for older cats as many common illnesses can develop slowly and can easily go unnoticed. Dental disease, renal disease, and thyroid problems are commonly hidden. We will perform a thorough exam and may recommend blood tests if needed. We will help work out an individual plan that will keep your senior cat happy and comfortable in their retirement years.

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