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Dog Vet Care

Keeping a dog happy and healthy is important for all pet owners. We support the healthcare and wellbeing of all dog breeds, ages and sizes.

We offer individualized care for each dog that comes through our doors and advise owners about care, treatments and nutrition based on their lifestyles.

Explore our services for dogs below and get in touch with our friendly team.


We provide puppy parents with personalised advice on how to care for their pup, how to create a great home environment and offer all the vaccinations and preventative care they need. Our vets provide specialised puppy care plans to set them up for a happy and healthy life.

Adult Dog

Regular vet checks are important for adult dogs to help catch any potential future problems early on. We have a range of preventative solutions that reduce the likelihood of common problems arising in adult dogs and set them up for a long, happy life.

Senior Dog

We create senior care plans to help your dog live a happy, no stress, and pain-free life. As part of regular check-ups, we will monitor for changes or signs that suggest common age-related conditions may be beginning to affect your senior dog. We’ll work with you to develop an individual plan that may cover nutrition, supplements, or medications to keep their tail wagging.


If you have an emergency medical concern about your pet, please call our clinic. Valley Cottage Vets will always try to help an animal in need. We are also a member of the Wellington After Hours Vet Clinic for out-of-hours calls. That clinic can be contacted on 04 473 7545.


With a dedicated surgical suite, we are able to perform many surgical procedures in-house. For more complicated or specialist surgery, we have a number of specialist surgeons available for referrals as required.


Getting your pet microchipped ensures they can be swiftly and easily identified, should they get lost. Microchipping is a quick and straightforward process. We also include registration on the NZCAR database, significantly improving the value of the microchip.

Weight Check

When you bring your pet in for an appointment, we always perform a weight check to determine if they are of a healthy size. We offer tips and tricks about lifestyle changes and nutrition to get your pets to the right weight.


Valley Cottage Vets has in-house digital radiography available. X-rays can be an important part of a diagnostic plan, and in challenging cases, we have access to specialist radiologists to assist with reaching a diagnosis.



Valley Cottage Vets encourages owners to research pet insurance and will work with many providers to ensure the best care is available.


Anxiety in pets can manifest in many ways but often as undesirable or destructive behaviour. If you are worried your pet is showing signs of anxiety, then one of our vets would be more than happy to discuss treatment and behavioral options.

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